Apple Watch 3 Presentation

Apple Watch 3 Presentation

Released on September 22nd, 2017, the Apple Watch 3 signals the arrival of a 4G module, allowing the connected watch to be independent of the smartphone. A sufficient novelty? Our test.
Apple signs its third generation of watches connected with the Apple Watch 3.
Less than three years after the release of the first model, the American giant finally endows its product with a 4G connection, allowing it to emancipate itself from the iPhone. If in the design, the Apple brand lacks originality, the latter has bet everything on its new S3 processor.

Always the same design

make phone calls from the watchApple doesn’t make any revolution in design. The Apple Watch 3 is similar to the older models with a rectangular case (38 or 42 mm). Only one change distinguishes it from the others: its red dial… You will have understood that the biggest changes reside inside the connected watch.

The 4G module changes the game.

The latest connected Apple watch has the new S3 chip. The latter is much more responsive than its elders and offers a more enjoyable experience and more frequent use.

The Apple Watch 3 also features WatchOS 4, its new operating system, which offers new features such as chatting with Siri. On previous versions of the accessory, the apple giant’s boot displayed only messages on the screen. From now on, the personal assistant speaks, writes our messages and even schedules calls.

But the biggest new feature of the Apple Watch 3 is its 4G module. The watch can now be independent of the smartphone. In short, it no longer has to be connected to the iPhone to send messages, use apps or make calls. It is very good news for those who don’t want to be constantly cluttered with their phones, but also for sportsmen and women who can now use Apple Music or another streaming platform via Watch.

However, this cellular connection is only accessible under certain conditions. To begin with, you must at least own an iPhone 5SE and secondly, you must be the lucky owner of an Orange subscription with a multi-SIM option… Apple is only working with one operator at the moment, but others will soon be available.

The connection can still be improved. As soon as it disconnects from the iPhone or wi-fi to enter a cellular connection, it takes about 30 seconds of adaptation, the same as when you leave the subway or an area without a network. But on the whole, it’s still honorable.

A watch dedicated to sportsmen and women

Since its launch, the Apple Watch has seduced sports enthusiasts with its many functionalities. But the third generation is doing even more. It incorporates a more precise cardiac sensor, which can be adjusted to alert you when your pulse exceeds a certain level, an improved Exercise application that timed your run, takes heartbeats and distance traveled in different disciplines. The latter is also water-resistant to 50 Apple Watch 3

It also has the Activity application, which offers more advanced data and a ring system that allows you to reach several objectives during the day. Alerts also prompt you to carry them out if they are not reached. Finally, the fact that you don’t need an iPhone is very beneficial: you don’t have to worry about having to listen to music, send messages or receive calls.

An accessory that has a price tag…like every Apple product!

Like all Apple products, you’ll have to get your hands on the Apple Watch 3. Count 449 euros for the starting version with 4G. Add to that 5 euros per month for an Orange package, -the first six months are free. Without the 4G, the model goes down to 369 euros but loses all the innovative aspect of the third-generation model.

Apple is here signaling a good evolution of its product with an independently connected watch. More powerful, faster and more powerful, this one is innovative for those who don’t own an Apple Watch. Owners of one of the previous models can also purchase it if they wish to benefit from the autonomy of the product. However, we regret that the design has not evolved… All that remains is to customize your watch with new bracelets.

huge range of colours avail

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