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What if Windows 7 becomes a free software?

What if Windows 7 becomes a free software?

Does Microsoft like free software enough to offer Windows 7 to the free software community? The American company, which has, to everyone’s surprise, already declared showed its love to Linux and even published tens of thousands of patents in its favor, has been encouraged to do so since January 13 by the FSF. It accompanied its demand with a petition, endorsed by almost 6,000 people.

The request from the FSF, whose mission is to promote free software, came on January 23,  after the end of the extended support of Windows 7 on January 14. The FSF believes that the end of operating system maintenance should not necessarily mean the termination of the operating system. Perhaps the OS can be given new life by becoming free software.

Microsoft already made the Windows calculator open source in the spring of 2019. Previously, the Redmond firm also made available to the public the .NET framework, the CNTK machine learning tool, and MS-DOS. These acts have been noticed and appreciated, but their scope is still relatively modest compared to what the company could accomplish.

Windows 7 was released in October 2009. Standard support for the operating system ended on January 13, 2015. On that date, no new features were available. Then, on January 14, 2020, security patches were discontinued. As for third-party software, updates are also scheduled to be stopped, such as Google Chrome, which will be discontinued in 2021.

The proof of love may not arrive

Switching to Windows 7 as free software would allow those who can and wish to do so to appropriate an operating system that is considered one of Microsoft’s most successful. In addition to the ability to customize and evolve it, this change in status would potentially entitle it to updates and patches, if the community rolls up its sleeves.

Microsoft no longer hides its fondness for Linux, but the FSF would like to see a more substantial show of love.

It is unlikely that Microsoft will satisfy the FSF’s request, at least for the time being, as the group has not yet completely cut the ties with the OS: there is still a paid and specific extended support for businesses, which will be active until January 2023. The group foresees a mechanism to raise the price of services so that companies will be pushed to migrate.

It is therefore not the day before tomorrow that the free software community will be able to study and modify Windows 7, or even share their changes. That could take years, by the way: as an example, the source code of MS-DOS was only released in 2014, whereas its support ended in… 2001. Assuming the same timeframe is maintained for Windows 7, no release will occur before… 2033.

The Basics Of Foldable Smartphone Tech Explained

The Basics Of Foldable Smartphone Tech Explained

Were you amazed when you caught a glimpse of the new foldable smartphone tech? If these phones astonished you, you might have some questions. How do these phones work? How is this possible? What is it like to use these phones? If you’re trying to find a way to satisfy your curiosity, there are a few things that you can try.

The Parts Used For Smartphones Are Smaller Than Ever

One of the reasons that this sort of tech wasn’t possible in the past was because of the size of the parts used to make phones. Because the parts were on the larger side, it wasn’t possible to make phones that were thin enough to be easily folded up.

However, over the years, the parts that we use to make smartphones have grown and smaller and smaller. Although some of the phones on the market right now do have large screens, most newer phones are on the thinner side. Small parts make it possible to make phones that we wouldn’t have been able to produce in the past. It’s likely that we’ll see phones develop in more ways in the years to come.

dual screen smartphones

These Phones Can Rival Standard Smartphones

You might be concerned that a foldable phone won’t be able to do the things that your current phone will. While some phones are more powerful than others, you won’t be making a sacrifice if you decide to switch to a foldable phone. Some of the available models are among the most powerful smartphones on the market.

If you miss the convenience of old flip phones but don’t want to give up the perks that you’re getting from the smartphone you’re using now, then this is the solution that you’ve been looking for. If you look at the specs of some of these phones, you’ll be blown away.

The Newest Smartphones Are Very Different From Old Flip Phones

The new foldable phones that we see from companies like Samsung might seem like they’re similar to old-fashioned flip phones. Even though these phones might have some fundamental visual similarities, they are very different products when it comes down to it.

How are these phones different? First of all, these phones are capable of doing all kinds of things that older phones wouldn’t have been able to do. These new phones are incredibly powerful and offer all of the perks that you’d expect a modern smartphone to have.

These phones are also a lot slimmer and lighter than old flip phones. When you see one of these phones in person, you’ll be able to see how thin and sleek they are. This is a very stylish type of phone that can fit in a tiny pocket.

You should take the time to find out more about foldable smartphone tech. Don’t be afraid to look beyond the basics. These phones might seem like something out of a science fiction movie, but they’re genuine and available to purchase.

What is a NAS and why you need one

What is a NAS and why you need one

Among all digital gadgets that you can have at home these days, there is one that I like and that I recommend to everyone: the NAS, to centralize (and secure) your data. Also referred to as network attached server devices or serveur nas, these devices have been on the rise over the past decade !

What is a NAS?

NAS stands for Network-Attached Storage. It is a volume – like a hard disk – network, which can be accessible by everyone in your home or even outside. It is a mini-server.

You can then create users and user groups. You can configure different shares, volumes, which will be network disks, to limit access to specific data for individual users. Thus, the child will not have access to videos shot with mom, and mom will not have access to your collection of personal movies.

Beyond this “access security” aspect, a NAS very often has the advantage of having several hard drives, and of providing redundancy for your data. It is not a backup solution as such, but significant protection against hardware failures.

Why do you need it?

a western digital NAS
A western digital NAS

As mentioned above, the centralization and security of data are the biggest arguments for buying a NAS. Beyond that, since a NAS is a tiny server, you can do a lot of things.

The first of these is to outsource the downloading of your files to the NAS, instead of doing it on your computer.

For your collection of movies, you can use an application like Plex to play your media on TV. You can even play them on a smartphone away from home as long as you have an internet connection. Quite honestly, it’s part of the uses that have changed my digital life, and I won’t go back for anything in the world.

You can use your NAS server as a camera surveillance server, publish web content, print files from your tablet. It’s a new world that you will discover

Which NAS to buy?

I can’t advise you to buy a single bay model, which won’t protect you against hardware failures (no RAID). I would recommend the Synology or Qnap brand, for the power of their solutions, their beautiful design, and their regular updates.


I hope I’ve covered the subject of NAS servers and their use-cases as well as usefulness. I do not deliberately go into the details of everything that can be done, but you can find more on the web learn more about this technology.

Virtual Reality, How Does it Works?

Virtual Reality, How Does it Works?

Virtual reality works around 5 main components.

. The Head Mounted Display headset: It is the component at the heart of the visual immersion sensation, thanks to a system based on two screens, one for each eye, allowing the depth of the field of vision to be streamed.

. The joysticks: In the virtual world, the controllers are like your hands, allowing you to interact with the environment. They thus actively contribute to the feeling of touch.

. Motion sensors: These are the sensors that make it possible to follow the exact position of the helmet and controllers, and thus to offer the sensation of movement and life-size immersion.

. The audio system: It has a dual characteristic. First of all, it allows sensory immersion by transcribing the sounds from the VR experience. On the other hand, it allows communication with other players, which is essential for a collaborative adventure.

. The computer: Its role is preponderant because it must be correctly dimensioned to meet the needs of the RV, in particular, to ensure a refresh rate of at least 90 frames per second.


Virtual reality is a relatively old concept, even if its name is somewhat recent. The terms “immersive multimedia” and “simulated computer reality” can be considered synonyms. A definition that has been popularized would read: “A set of computer techniques used to simulate the physical presence of a user in a virtual universe artificially created by various devices and software.

Virtual reality will thus make its user live a visual experience of immersion in a world and a universe created digitally. These universes can be entirely imaginary and drawn from the minds of their creators, but they can also be partial or complete representations of real places, drawn from real life.

A little history

The first traces of the evocation of virtual reality in its present sense date back to the mid-1930s, with Stanley G. Weinbaum. The latter published a short story in which he speaks explicitly of a pair of glasses allowing the wearer to have the impression of being transported into a virtual universe in which he can interact, touch and feel things.

In the real world, the first research on virtual reality dates back to the 1950s′. At that time, Morton Heilig, creator, and inventor was working on an entertainment concept that would stimulate the spectator’s senses to deceive his mind and make him believe that he was evolving in a different universe from the real world. In the early 60’s, after a decade of research and testing, Morton introduced the Sensorama. At that time, digital did not exist. The Sensorama is, therefore, a mechanical device that transports its user into an artificially created universe. Morton offered 5 short films compatible with his system, which marked the beginning of the RV concept.

During the same period, the U.S. military became interested in the RV concept to adapt it to a flight simulator.

HTC Vive, best VR handset hands up!

David Johnson chose the VIVE technology developed by the Taiwanese company HTC.

The HTC Vive headset, equipped with 32 sensors for 360° motion tracking, delivers stunning image quality with a resolution of 2160 x 1200 pixels. It offers total visual immersion thanks to a 110° field of view. It is also very comfortable to wear thanks to foam cushions and nose pads that offer personalized comfort. It is particularly suitable for most pairs of glasses.

Thanks to its 2 controllers, each with 24 detectors, the HTC Vive offers accurate motion tracking for perfect interaction with the environment.

As for its exclusive integrated audio system, it allows sound and image to be perfectly synchronized for an enhanced immersive effect.

Apple Watch 3 Presentation

Apple Watch 3 Presentation

Released on September 22nd, 2017, the Apple Watch 3 signals the arrival of a 4G module, allowing the connected watch to be independent of the smartphone. A sufficient novelty? Our test.
Apple signs its third generation of watches connected with the Apple Watch 3.
Less than three years after the release of the first model, the American giant finally endows its product with a 4G connection, allowing it to emancipate itself from the iPhone. If in the design, the Apple brand lacks originality, the latter has bet everything on its new S3 processor.

Always the same design

make phone calls from the watchApple doesn’t make any revolution in design. The Apple Watch 3 is similar to the older models with a rectangular case (38 or 42 mm). Only one change distinguishes it from the others: its red dial… You will have understood that the biggest changes reside inside the connected watch.

The 4G module changes the game.

The latest connected Apple watch has the new S3 chip. The latter is much more responsive than its elders and offers a more enjoyable experience and more frequent use.

The Apple Watch 3 also features WatchOS 4, its new operating system, which offers new features such as chatting with Siri. On previous versions of the accessory, the apple giant’s boot displayed only messages on the screen. From now on, the personal assistant speaks, writes our messages and even schedules calls.

But the biggest new feature of the Apple Watch 3 is its 4G module. The watch can now be independent of the smartphone. In short, it no longer has to be connected to the iPhone to send messages, use apps or make calls. It is very good news for those who don’t want to be constantly cluttered with their phones, but also for sportsmen and women who can now use Apple Music or another streaming platform via Watch.

However, this cellular connection is only accessible under certain conditions. To begin with, you must at least own an iPhone 5SE and secondly, you must be the lucky owner of an Orange subscription with a multi-SIM option… Apple is only working with one operator at the moment, but others will soon be available.

The connection can still be improved. As soon as it disconnects from the iPhone or wi-fi to enter a cellular connection, it takes about 30 seconds of adaptation, the same as when you leave the subway or an area without a network. But on the whole, it’s still honorable.

A watch dedicated to sportsmen and women

Since its launch, the Apple Watch has seduced sports enthusiasts with its many functionalities. But the third generation is doing even more. It incorporates a more precise cardiac sensor, which can be adjusted to alert you when your pulse exceeds a certain level, an improved Exercise application that timed your run, takes heartbeats and distance traveled in different disciplines. The latter is also water-resistant to 50 Apple Watch 3

It also has the Activity application, which offers more advanced data and a ring system that allows you to reach several objectives during the day. Alerts also prompt you to carry them out if they are not reached. Finally, the fact that you don’t need an iPhone is very beneficial: you don’t have to worry about having to listen to music, send messages or receive calls.

An accessory that has a price tag…like every Apple product!

Like all Apple products, you’ll have to get your hands on the Apple Watch 3. Count 449 euros for the starting version with 4G. Add to that 5 euros per month for an Orange package, -the first six months are free. Without the 4G, the model goes down to 369 euros but loses all the innovative aspect of the third-generation model.

Apple is here signaling a good evolution of its product with an independently connected watch. More powerful, faster and more powerful, this one is innovative for those who don’t own an Apple Watch. Owners of one of the previous models can also purchase it if they wish to benefit from the autonomy of the product. However, we regret that the design has not evolved… All that remains is to customize your watch with new bracelets.

huge range of colours avail

Samsung Introduces World’s First Expandable OLED Display

Samsung Introduces World’s First Expandable OLED Display

Samsung recently claimed that the scalable OLED screen is unique, and it has the ability to fold back and forth. Moreover, it is also different from the current flexible screens because it can be wound, folded or curved over all or part of its surface, according to some local sources.

Also, industry experts report that the stretch screen requires a more complicated technology compared to the screens currently on the market, and is considered the primary product of the flexible technology in the market.

The OLED display can extend up to 12 millimeters

The South Korean company has revealed that the screen can extend up to 12 millimeters when pressure is applied and that it has the ability to retain its high resolution without affecting the quality of the displayed content. Samsung will showcase a 9.1-inch version of this expandable OLED display at SID 2017 in Los Angeles, while LG Display and other companies are also expected to showcase new screens they are working on that could be featured in their future products, Including smartphones.

It is interesting to note that Samsung will only present the new screen, and remains to be seen if this one that can enter mass production. But one thing is for sure, and the expandable OLED display can be used in a fullness of products, including smartphones.

Until Samsung’s first smartphone with a flexible screen arrives, the company should announce the Galaxy X, which could take time to develop. Last month, a Samsung Display official said that foldable smartphones might not see the light of day before 2019, as engineers are still working to perfect the technology.

Also, the Samsung representative said the demand for smartphones without borders is still high. In other words, launching a prototype like the Galaxy X on the market could drastically reduce sales pending the arrival of the latter.

How Cannabis Vaporizers Work

How Cannabis Vaporizers Work

Vaporizing cannabis refers to the process of heating dried cannabis until its temperature reaches a level below its point of combustion. While it is clear that vaporizers have existed for a long time, it was not until the last five to ten years ago that their importance came to people’s knowledge.

How do cannabis vaporizers work?

The main benefit of vaporizing marijuana is to remove the potentially health-inhibiting factors in the product. With proper vaporizing, you can avoid some of the health issues associated with using marijuana. Some of these issues include the presence of carcinogens and tar in the cannabis. During the vaporizing process, cannabis heats to a level where only the desired cannabinoids are released without hampering the main material.

replace toxic chemicals in tobacco

What are the types of the available vaporizers?

Currently, there are three types of cannabis vaporizers. They include:

Pen vaporizers
As their name suggests, pen vaporizers (“Vape pens”) assume the shape of a normal pen. Some of the benefits of using this type of vaporizers include the fact that they are easy to use, allows for discretion and are much cheaper as compared to the other types.

Portable vaporizers

various Medical Marijuana applicationsAs technology advances, so do this type of vaporizers. The main advantage of these vaporizers is that they are portable thereby they enhance convenience. In addition to that, they are slightly larger than pen vaporizers, and they are rechargeable. Click here to get vaporisateur portable pas cher!

Desktop/stationary vaporizers

These types of vaporizers are generally “stay at home” type. Despite the fact that they are not portable, these kinds of vaporizers have more benefits as compared to the other types. They deliver a higher quality vapor, and they use the convection method of heating.


Cannabis vaporizers work by heating cannabis to a level just below its combustion point. It ensures that the much-needed cannabinoids are extracted without destroying the material. There are three types of cannabis vaporizers namely desktop, portable and pen vaporizers. All these works to perform the same functions differently.

How Smart Watches Work

How Smart Watches Work

Researchers working in the field of high technology have not finished producing the most innovative results yet. Buckle up people as 2020 is approaching!

The smart watch is one of the hot topics of the moment and arouses a competitive and fierce race between the biggest tech manufacturers and brands on the planet. If the connoisseurs already have a deep interest in these toys, the average users are still looking for their true utility. But what can theses connected watches be used for?

Smart Watches : the principle

A connected watch has several elements that differentiate it from other existing watches. As the name suggests, it is connected or connected to the web or a smartphone. As a rule, the watch uses Bluetooth or Wifi technology to allow this connection with your phone, or has a SIM card and a 3G connection for direct access to the Internet.

Google is of course making moves on this market
Google is of course making moves on this market

According to the manufacturer and according to the quality of the watch, the latter allows several functionalities: reception of various notifications, alerts of telephone calls, notification and reading of new messages or emails, access to dedicated applications, Taking pictures and many other multimedia functions.

It can also open up opportunities for tracking activity and sports, telling you how far you are traveling or how many calories you are burning. These are ultimately mini-computers, halfway between a classic watch and a smartphone glued to the wrist.

Operation and use

Connected watches are based on the latest technological innovations in 2017.

The most successful renowned operating systems or OS, such as Android Wear or soon iOS, or dedicated operating systems, such as Pebble OS or Tizen. They are thus placed as true intelligent devices, because of their name “smartwatch”.

Not always able to substitute for smartphones, these watches have some of the best features or applications installed on them. But they can also be independent and they have vocations to do more and more over the time.

watches for fitnessIn addition to being a fashion accessory and a device to know the time (anyway), a Smartwatch is doomed to several other functions. First, it receives all notifications from your phone without the need to take the mobile out of your pocket or bag.

In this case, they are primarily mobile phone assistants. Some watches allow for more extensive use. Most of them allow you to receive or make calls, read emails or SMS, or access various social networks. Some models have an integrated camera allowing video capture sequences.

GPS and multimedia functions are also part of the strengths of a few watches. The vast majority of connected watches are equipped with a touch screen for easier and more intuitive use. The biggest worry at the moment is the relatively short battery life. The arrival of the Android and soon iOS blinds should multiply the applications available, as well in declination of those existing already on the smartphones as for other domains.

Health and fitness seem to be the most promising sectors right now.

Steam cleaner and all you need to know

Steam cleaner and all you need to know

Steam cleaners use vapor steam that is dry to disinfect or sanitize, clean as well as remove buildups and stains. The machines are perfect for hard surfaces such as sealed floors and grout and tiles and ideal as well for cleaning spots of softer materials such as upholstery and carpets.

The machines generate up to 360 F temperatures hence they kill mold, bacteria, fungus and any other allergen. The steam cleaners use a low-pressure of about 150 psi.

Water is heated using a boiler in the steam cleaner which converts it to vapor which then exits through the nozzle out of the machine. The steam generated cleans by loosening the dirt on the soft fibers and hard surfaces which are then wiped out or taken as vacuum. Vapor contained in steam cleaners contain water 5% which is quite dry compared to the air we take in. some steam cleaners use detergents and cleaning solutions with others including vacuums.

Components of a steam cleaner.

steam vacuum cleaners in actionBoiler boils water turning it to steam. Boilers are subjected to very high pressures and heat hence their top grade versions are made using stainless steel. Boilers have heating elements that are replaceable to enable replacement of the single component instead of the whole boiler.

Refill tank.
Most of  the best steam cleaners contain refill tanks that are not pressurized to enable the person operating the cleaner to add water as the machine still runs. If the system lacks a refill tank, the operator then must depressurize it, then add water directly to the boiler and wait for a minimum of 20 minutes for heating of the water.

Detergent tanks.
These are the tanks that dispense and hold the detergents or cleaning solutions. Some steam cleaners come with handles to be used to control the steam and detergent flow during cleaning.

Steam vacuum.
Steam cleaners also contain vacuums used to empty the contents of the cleaner automatically into tanks of extraction of about 35 liters. They boost productivity as they allow cleaning and extraction without using towels.

Video – How GPS Work These Days

Video – How GPS Work These Days

The GPS (Global Positioning System), present in many land, air, and marine vehicles but also in a majority of smartphones, is now part of our daily life.

Since 1978, the US Army maintains a fleet of satellites whose function is to continuously send a radio signal containing information, namely the position of the transmitting instrument and the time of sending the signal.

On the ground, GPS geolocation devices such as are found in automobiles or smartphones have antennas that pick up these signals. A GPS receiver notes the time at which it receives a given signal, the time at which the signal was transmitted and understands the time taken to complete the route. Since radio waves propagate at the speed of light, we can assume the distance from the satellite.

The GPS system comprises at least 24 satellites operating in the Earth’s orbit at an altitude of approximately 20,000 km. They work by triangulation and make it easy to determine a location.

These satellites carry extremely precise atomic clocks which give the geolocation an accuracy of about 30 meters. The clocks of the European Galileo system which will soon be put into service are three times more precise. The geolocation then approaches in the accuracy of the meter.

Get a better understanding of how a microwave works !

Get a better understanding of how a microwave works !

Microwave ovens are one of the most convenient ways of cooking food because they heat food up very quickly.

Most people have probably used a microwave at some point during their lives, but they may not realise exactly how it works. The concept is quite simple.

Does It Use Radiation?

american households use microwaves every day

Radiation is used to heat food in a microwave oven. Microwaves are the shortest type of radio wave.

They are electromagnetic waves that measure about 12cm in length. They are produced in the oven by a magnetron. When these microwaves are directed towards the good, they cause the particles within the food to become agitated.

As these particles move around, they begin to generate heat, and this is how the food becomes cooked. Most microwaves also have a setting where you can defrost food and this works on the same principle.

Is Using A Microwave Oven Safe?

The microwaves that are used to heat the food cannot escape from the oven. It is because metal surrounds the compartment where the food is cooked.

The glass doors of the oven also prevent the microwaves from escaping. Microwaves cannot pass through the materials that the oven is made from, meaning that they are only directed towards the food.

Are Microwave Ovens Efficient?

Using a microwave is more efficient than using a conventional oven, but they are not as effective overall as you may expect. A lot of energy is needed to produce the microwaves that cook the food, and some heat is always lost.

While the majority of the microwaves will be directed towards the food, there is no feature that allows them all to be concentrated on a particular spot and so the space around the food will also become heated in the same way as in a conventional oven, but to a lesser degree.

3D printers in the modern era

3D printers in the modern era

3D printing which can also be referred to as additive manufacturing is a process that involves using a digital file to make objects with three dimensions. To achieve this creation, the additive process plays a huge role.

The additive process involves creating an object laying down sequential beds on the material until you finally have the desired object created. In this article, we will be informing how 3D printers work and some of the technology that they adopt.

So how exactly do 3D printers work?

a yoda figure 3d printedLike very many other technological processes, before creating anything, you must first have its practical design. The case is also true while using 3D printers. An example of a virtual design can be Computer Aided Design also known as CAD, which has its creation from using a scanner or an application used for modelling.

What are some of the technologies that 3D scanners use?

With the growth in technology, it is no surprise that various types of technologies have been used in the making of 3D scanners. Some of these technologies include volumetric scanning and time of flight amongst many others. In the recent time, giants like Google and
Microsoft has chipped in by enabling some of their devices to undertake 3D scanning processes.
An example of this is the Microsoft’s kinetics. With the direction through which technology is taking the world, it will not take a long time before people can be able to digitise real objects into 3D models in an easier way. Perhaps easier like taking a picture of the object.

What about softwares?

Just as the technologies used in creating them, the software that is used to create 3D scanners come in many forms. The software ranges from price to price. Some can cost you a lot of money regarding the expenses of licensing per year while others can be cheaper or available free such as Blender.

The type of software you use for your printer will depend on your level and knowledge of operating them. For example, if you are a beginner, you will use a different software as compared to one that a professional will use.

How do you get started with this technology?

It may involve you starting by asking yourself where you want to start learning. You must decide whether you only want to focus on the hardware bit of the printer or you want to create objects.

This will again depend on the amount of money that you have for spending in learning how to work with 3D printers. If you have a tight budget, you can choose to acquire cheap 3D printers and start from there.

Various 3D printers use various types of technologies and software. In addition to that, you can use different methods of printing. A good example is using an additive. The type of method you use will determine the creation of the final object.

Overall, you can start learning how 3D printers work better by acquiring one. You do not have to break the bank to achieve this, as there are some cheap printers for beginners in the market today.

How electric shavers work

How electric shavers work

Electric shavers work entirely differently from blade razors as their cutting action is scissor-like, unlike the blade action which is direct skin contact.

The hairs get into the razor screen which is perforated then the moving blades which are inside the electric razor at that point sever them. The blades are connected to a motor which keeps moving them in a circular manner against the foil in between your skin and the shaver.

selection of electrical shavers

The blade is less irritating since the blade does not graze the skin of the user but the razor inside.

Electric in electric shaver defines the movement of the blades using electricity. The razors can be fueled by a battery powered or corded source of energy. Modern electric shavers mostly use rechargeable batteries.

These components are electrical and very safe to use with water during cleaning and also they are water resistant. Most of the electric shavers do not require water or cream lubrication. Electric shavers are two types:

1.) Foil shavers.

Foil shavers work in such a way of moving the razor forth and back under the screen or foil. The shaver screen is perforated to allow hair to fall out through the perforations. Foil shavers contain at least four blade rows arranged in a line.

As the blade moves forth and back, it cuts any hair that gets into the foil perforations. Various foil shavers have varied numbers of foils. The many foils lie on each other to cover the blades. Foil shavers are named as per the number of foil layers they have. Foil shaver containing three foil layers are called triple foils.

2.) Rotary shavers.

rotative blades in actionRotary has foils round and are held by springs in place. The springs act as the foils pivot to allow confirmation to the person being shaved face curves.

Beneath the foils are wheels fitted with blades on them. The wheels spin round and cut any hair that gets into the perforations of the foil. The cut hair then falls into the razor’s hollow parts leaving the skin free from irritation resulting from direct skin blades.