Samsung Introduces World’s First Expandable OLED Display

Samsung Introduces World’s First Expandable OLED Display

Samsung recently claimed that the scalable OLED screen is unique, and it has the ability to fold back and forth. Moreover, it is also different from the current flexible screens because it can be wound, folded or curved over all or part of its surface, according to some local sources.

Also, industry experts report that the stretch screen requires a more complicated technology compared to the screens currently on the market, and is considered the primary product of the flexible technology in the market.

The OLED display can extend up to 12 millimeters

The South Korean company has revealed that the screen can extend up to 12 millimeters when pressure is applied and that it has the ability to retain its high resolution without affecting the quality of the displayed content. Samsung will showcase a 9.1-inch version of this expandable OLED display at SID 2017 in Los Angeles, while LG Display and other companies are also expected to showcase new screens they are working on that could be featured in their future products, Including smartphones.

It is interesting to note that Samsung will only present the new screen, and remains to be seen if this one that can enter mass production. But one thing is for sure, and the expandable OLED display can be used in a fullness of products, including smartphones.

Until Samsung’s first smartphone with a flexible screen arrives, the company should announce the Galaxy X, which could take time to develop. Last month, a Samsung Display official said that foldable smartphones might not see the light of day before 2019, as engineers are still working to perfect the technology.

Also, the Samsung representative said the demand for smartphones without borders is still high. In other words, launching a prototype like the Galaxy X on the market could drastically reduce sales pending the arrival of the latter.

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