How Smart Watches Work

How Smart Watches Work

Researchers working in the field of high technology have not finished producing the most innovative results yet. Buckle up people as 2020 is approaching!

The smart watch is one of the hot topics of the moment and arouses a competitive and fierce race between the biggest tech manufacturers and brands on the planet. If the connoisseurs already have a deep interest in these toys, the average users are still looking for their true utility. But what can theses connected watches be used for?

Smart Watches : the principle

A connected watch has several elements that differentiate it from other existing watches. As the name suggests, it is connected or connected to the web or a smartphone. As a rule, the watch uses Bluetooth or Wifi technology to allow this connection with your phone, or has a SIM card and a 3G connection for direct access to the Internet.

Google is of course making moves on this market
Google is of course making moves on this market

According to the manufacturer and according to the quality of the watch, the latter allows several functionalities: reception of various notifications, alerts of telephone calls, notification and reading of new messages or emails, access to dedicated applications, Taking pictures and many other multimedia functions.

It can also open up opportunities for tracking activity and sports, telling you how far you are traveling or how many calories you are burning. These are ultimately mini-computers, halfway between a classic watch and a smartphone glued to the wrist.

Operation and use

Connected watches are based on the latest technological innovations in 2017.

The most successful renowned operating systems or OS, such as Android Wear or soon iOS, or dedicated operating systems, such as Pebble OS or Tizen. They are thus placed as true intelligent devices, because of their name “smartwatch”.

Not always able to substitute for smartphones, these watches have some of the best features or applications installed on them. But they can also be independent and they have vocations to do more and more over the time.

watches for fitnessIn addition to being a fashion accessory and a device to know the time (anyway), a Smartwatch is doomed to several other functions. First, it receives all notifications from your phone without the need to take the mobile out of your pocket or bag.

In this case, they are primarily mobile phone assistants. Some watches allow for more extensive use. Most of them allow you to receive or make calls, read emails or SMS, or access various social networks. Some models have an integrated camera allowing video capture sequences.

GPS and multimedia functions are also part of the strengths of a few watches. The vast majority of connected watches are equipped with a touch screen for easier and more intuitive use. The biggest worry at the moment is the relatively short battery life. The arrival of the Android and soon iOS blinds should multiply the applications available, as well in declination of those existing already on the smartphones as for other domains.

Health and fitness seem to be the most promising sectors right now.

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