Steam cleaner and all you need to know

Steam cleaner and all you need to know

Steam cleaners use vapor steam that is dry to disinfect or sanitize, clean as well as remove buildups and stains. The machines are perfect for hard surfaces such as sealed floors and grout and tiles and ideal as well for cleaning spots of softer materials such as upholstery and carpets.

The machines generate up to 360 F temperatures hence they kill mold, bacteria, fungus and any other allergen. The steam cleaners use a low-pressure of about 150 psi.

Water is heated using a boiler in the steam cleaner which converts it to vapor which then exits through the nozzle out of the machine. The steam generated cleans by loosening the dirt on the soft fibers and hard surfaces which are then wiped out or taken as vacuum. Vapor contained in steam cleaners contain water 5% which is quite dry compared to the air we take in. some steam cleaners use detergents and cleaning solutions with others including vacuums.

Components of a steam cleaner.

steam vacuum cleaners in actionBoiler boils water turning it to steam. Boilers are subjected to very high pressures and heat hence their top grade versions are made using stainless steel. Boilers have heating elements that are replaceable to enable replacement of the single component instead of the whole boiler.

Refill tank.
Most of  the best steam cleaners contain refill tanks that are not pressurized to enable the person operating the cleaner to add water as the machine still runs. If the system lacks a refill tank, the operator then must depressurize it, then add water directly to the boiler and wait for a minimum of 20 minutes for heating of the water.

Detergent tanks.
These are the tanks that dispense and hold the detergents or cleaning solutions. Some steam cleaners come with handles to be used to control the steam and detergent flow during cleaning.

Steam vacuum.
Steam cleaners also contain vacuums used to empty the contents of the cleaner automatically into tanks of extraction of about 35 liters. They boost productivity as they allow cleaning and extraction without using towels.

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