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New features at IFA 2019, Berlin’s major high-tech trade fair

New features at IFA 2019, Berlin’s major high-tech trade fair

The IFA was in full swing in Berlin until September 11, allowing visitors to discover the electronic products that will soon be available to them. This 2019 edition focuses on audio, in addition to traditional televisions and household appliances.

Samsung Bespoke: a modular refrigerator

Samsung has chosen the IFA to announce the release, after many adventures, of its Galaxy Fold folding smartphone, but also that of a 55-inch version of its 8K TV. The Korean has also made a name for himself in the world of large household appliances with his Bespoke refrigerator. A complete range characterized by its modular format – its elements can be assembled in eight different combinations – and by its interchangeable colored fronts. However, to know the price, it will still be necessary to wait.

TCL gets into the headphones market

The TCL brand, whose new televisions were also presented at the IFA, is entering a new segment. It comes with a variety of audio products, from headphones with a hoop to true wireless headphones, some of which offer a sporty version. Models at low prices, since all will cost less than 200 euros.

Huawei Freebuds 3: ANC in its true wireless version

As every year, Huawei has chosen the IFA to detail the chip that will power his next smartphone, the Mate 30: the Kirin 990 compatible with the 5G. But we will also remember the presentation of its true wireless Freebuds 3 headphones, whose format is not unlike that of the AirPods. Semi-Intra earphones with a promising active noise cancellation system.

Sony Xperia 5, delivered with WF-1000XM3 headphones

The latest high-end smartphone from Sony is official. An Xperia 5 with a 6.1-inch 21:9 screen, an 855 Snapdragon chipset with 6GB of RAM and a triple back camera.

A slightly more compact version of the Xperia 1, whose launch price is set at 799 euros for availability from October. Of particular note is the promotional offer offered as part of its pre-orders (as of today), since the smartphone comes with the excellent WF-1000XM3 true wireless headphones, worth 249 euros.

Philips PH805: affordable active noise cancellation

Discreet in the field of headphones, Philips is back with a promising PH805. Its new lightweight (245g) headband headset with touch-sensitive headphones includes an active noise reduction system. An increasingly common feature on high-end headphones, but which the manufacturer announces at a price of around 200 euros. The affordable ANC, in short.

Philips OLED 934+: the integrated Dolby Atmos sound

New Philips OLED+ TVs make their debut at the IFA. Among them, the OLED+ 934, including the other Ambilight lighting ranges on three sides and the Android TV operating system. The interest of the device does not stop there: the 4K television is indeed equipped with a soundbar including two speakers facing upwards. A Dolby Atmos-certified system that promises a greater sense of immersion.

WiFi: how to secure your home network

WiFi: how to secure your home network

WiFi networks have become the norm, but they pose some security challenges: they can allow an intruder to access your network, the machines connected to it, and their traffic. A malicious person can conduct his attack from a distance, in complete discretion. However, strengthening the security of your WiFi network is not just about changing your network key, as you will see. Here are some tips to improve the protection of your network against possible intrusions.

Change the name of your SSID network

By default, your internet box diffuses a name that betrays its origin. Each operator has its name, so this gives an essential indication to a potential hacker who will try to exploit a flaw in your hardware.

Why not try to confuse everyone instead? Choose a different name – whether it’s something that has absolutely nothing to do with it, or why not a name that looks like another operator’s box. It will not improve your security, but it will undoubtedly waste some time for a potential hacker.

Keep your router up to date

It goes without saying that if there are loopholes, manufacturers tend to fix them and offer regular updates. However, the update is not always automatic on all models. You must, therefore, connect to your administration space.

Choose a strong password for your WiFi network

In general, your operator’s box manages your WiFi network. It means that in general, your operator has already assigned you a very complicated connection key that does not have to be changed. Unless your box is in common areas and you want to prevent anyone from connecting with the code pasted on the box label.

Anyway, if you change it, opt for something that is both mnemonic and secure. In this article, we give you some wise advice on choosing better passwords. One of them is to build your passwords as sentences (sequences of pronounceable words) rather than a series of numbers, letters, and special characters.

Choose the highest encryption compatible with your devices

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is the oldest encryption method – and is now almost as recommended as leaving your network without a password (whether in 64 or 128-bit version). It is a method to be avoided in any case.

WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) is a series of standards designed to improve security. WPA I was quickly superseded by WPA2, and more recently, after the discovery of critical protocol vulnerabilities, the WiFi Alliance launched WPA3. The problem is that this last technology is still slow to become more democratic.

TKIP is the old encryption method used by the WPA protocol.

AES is a secure encryption standard used by the military and others.

The WPA/WPA2-PSK (TKIP+AES) mode is not, contrary to popular belief, the most secure method available on your router. This hybrid mode combines the two versions of WPA and encryption protocols (TKIP and AES) for more excellent compatibility. However, it allows hackers to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of the WPA I protocol – knowing that the WPA 2 protocol is now vulnerable too. And it also allows you to use TKIP, less secure encryption than AES.

Therefore, if your devices allow it, we recommend that you choose the WPA2-PSK (AES) mode on your router since WPA3 is still slow to appear.

What is a blockchain?

What is a blockchain?

For some time now, the term blockchain has been emerging on the web and elsewhere, but it is not always easy for some to have a clear idea of what it represents.

The idea of construction and operation is quite simple.

The latter is a means of transmitting, storing, and verifying information in a mathematical and entirely decentralized way.

Let us take a notary as a counter-example. The latter is a trusted and recognized individual who confers (in exchange for payment) on the acts you ask for a pledge of authenticity through his signature.

However, everything is based on this so-called trust that you and others have in him and without which the acts would no longer be of any value. Not only is it theoretically possible for him to lie and validate a litigious act, but it is also conceivable for other individuals to copy his seal and signature to authenticate forgeries.

A revolutionary technological breakthrough

The way the blockchain works is revolutionary in the sense that no trusted third party is necessary and falsification of acts is impossible. The blockchain network is made up of multiple individuals called miners (now several hundred thousand) who are responsible for validating the latter which are in a block by mathematical proof. Once the block is approved, it is linked to the previous ones.

It is not possible for minors to falsify a transaction because, as a result of decentralization, if one of them decides to lie by validating an illegal operation, the others will invalidate it later. Each person can play the role of the miner, thus guaranteeing the neutrality of the network.

Nor is it feasible for a person to do an invalid act as something that is validated because the blocks containing the authentic acts are visible to all. Indeed, each person participating in the network downloads all the blocks (and therefore the acts) since the creation of the network.
Miners get blockchain transaction fees that each person who wishes to enter something in the blockchain must pay (the average fees are generally meager, the equivalent of $0.05 for some cryptos), but also by creating new tokens (or cryptocurrencies) that they can then sell. Indeed, it is the latter that will be used to pay future transaction costs.

Multiple applications of the blockchain are possible, the most famous being its use for crypto-currencies. The first application of the blockchain is bitcoin.

Operation in summary:

  1. Jane wants to send 1 Bitcoin to John. She deposits her transaction in a pool (which contains all transactions pending validation) and deposits a “tip” (transaction fee) for minors.
  2. Miners select from the pool the transactions with the most tips and then put them in a block.
  3. The block is then validated using cryptographic means thanks to the work of the latter. They receive tips and new coins created during this process (ensuring the circulation of new cash).
  4. The block is registered in the blockchain, and anyone can, therefore, see the transactions present in this block (unless the blockchain is private).
  5. John received his Bitcoin because the network validated Jane’s shipment and entered “+1 BTC” in John’s wallet.

Of course, an infinite number of applications are conceivable, such as a decentralized supercomputer, a secure cloud, or even a new Internet. The operation described above will remain the same if blockchains with a different security principle, the Proof-Of-Stake, are introduced. We will not be interested in it in this article.

Clean My Mac – The Ultimate Tool to Clean your Apple Computer!

Clean My Mac – The Ultimate Tool to Clean your Apple Computer!

A new major version of CleanMyMac, not to be confused with MacKeeper, is available. The editor has lightened the interface of its cleaning utility by making the sidebar transparent and modifying other interface elements.

the clean my mac app from macpawThe primary function of the software remains the same: to recover several gigabytes on its hard disk (or SSD) by deleting unnecessary files. Clean My Mac test stands out from previous versions by taking additional files into account.

In addition to removing caches, translations, and logs, among others, the software now proposes to clean up Mail attachments and unnecessary iTunes files (interrupted downloads, damaged backup …).

For Mail attachments, CleanMyMac 3 only selects those that have not been modified. Attachments deleted from the hard drive remain accessible online, via the web version of the email service configured in Mail.

In any case, it is advisable to carefully look at which files will pass through the trap before confirming. The author of these lines never had a bad surprise with the version 3 of CleanMyMac, but the software is extending its field of action, it is better to be careful.

1. Standard Functions of Clean My Mac

This Mac Mac utility software has all the features you can find in other software to clean your Mac computer: clean the hard drive, clear caches, detect and delete duplicate files, remove temporary files, address files Binaries and remove unnecessary language files.

 2. Additional features of Clean My Mac

Removed corrupted startup items, development junk, leftovers application, photo trash, broken preferences, flash driver trash and Mac OS service junk. Also, this Mac also includes an uninstaller application, package analyzer, ignore list applications, drag and a drop features, widget manager, and many other fun things.

CleanMyMac 3 also includes some maintenance scripts (reindexing Spotlight, dumping DNS caches, reconstructing the launch services base …), but it does much less than Onyx on this point – which is free more.

A Privacy section is used to delete web browsing files and the history of Skype and Messages communications.

protect your privacy online

Finally, a dashboard summarizes the hard drive, memory, battery, and processor status. This information can be accessed by clicking on the software icon in the menu bar.

CleanMyMac 3 is sold for 20 € instead of 40 until 14 April. The 50% discount is valid without time limits for users of the previous version. The demo version can only delete 500 MB of files. OS X Mountain Lion minimum is required.

Satellite Internet – How is it Working?

Satellite Internet – How is it Working?

There are a lot of zips and zaps that take place to bring the web from service providers to worldwide users, at lightning fast speed!

By traveling through space at speeds once reserved for science fiction, satellite signals using HuguesNet Generation 4 technology allow world web users even in the most remote areas to enjoy the convenience and brilliance of broadband networks.

Find how this happens

how satellite works through internet

Drones and How they Work ?

Drones and How they Work ?

Long used by the military, drones are now used by private individuals for both recreational and commercial use.

How do they really work?

Generally speaking, a drone is characterized by 4,6 or 8 propellers.

The propeller blades of a drone are fixed, in fact, they can not change angle of inclination. The rotation of the propeller blades is alternated. In the meantime, the alternating inversion of these propellers promotes flight stability.

bebop 2 parrot

The principle of flight is based solely on the movement of the propellers. If all engines run at the same speed, the drone will hover.

To make a movement, advance or back up, the success of the flight is played on the front and rear engines. Similarly, for the right and left movement of the arms. The slowing of the right engines favors the movement to the right. To rotate, increase the speed of motors aligned on an axis. In addition, a drone is also equipped with several technologies. It is powered by an electrical power namely polymer lithium batteries.

How to control the navigation?

The control of a drone requires a particular technique that the individual must learn. Like other flying machines, drones move in the air. The blades of the propellers allow it to perform the flight. Thanks to navigation electronics, you can control a drone from the ground.

The latter obeys you with the finger and the eye. Using a specific device called a radio controller, you can easily influence the movements made by your multirotor. Then the barometer accurately measures the altitude traveled by this flying device.

Finally, using a GPS, you can easily detect the position of your drone. In general, a drone has an autonomy of between 5 min up to 1 h. Most drones can carry mass objects between 1 kg and 10 kg like cameras and video gear. Some custom drones can load large masses.

a dji drone the market leader

Thus, the payload of drones depends on the reason for use.

How to choose your drone?

Known as UAVs, drones play several roles in different areas. Now they are accessible to the general public and can be purchased in the department stores or online.

Whether for professional use or just for fun, the choice of the type of drone must be made depending on your use and needs.

At the moment, drones exist in several models, sizes, pace … Each has distinctive features that make them better. Find more on the trendiest drone of 2017