How Cannabis Vaporizers Work

How Cannabis Vaporizers Work

Vaporizing cannabis refers to the process of heating dried cannabis until its temperature reaches a level below its point of combustion. While it is clear that vaporizers have existed for a long time, it was not until the last five to ten years ago that their importance came to people’s knowledge.

How do cannabis vaporizers work?

The main benefit of vaporizing marijuana is to remove the potentially health-inhibiting factors in the product. With proper vaporizing, you can avoid some of the health issues associated with using marijuana. Some of these issues include the presence of carcinogens and tar in the cannabis. During the vaporizing process, cannabis heats to a level where only the desired cannabinoids are released without hampering the main material.

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What are the types of the available vaporizers?

Currently, there are three types of cannabis vaporizers. They include:

Pen vaporizers
As their name suggests, pen vaporizers (“Vape pens”) assume the shape of a normal pen. Some of the benefits of using this type of vaporizers include the fact that they are easy to use, allows for discretion and are much cheaper as compared to the other types.

Portable vaporizers

various Medical Marijuana applicationsAs technology advances, so do this type of vaporizers. The main advantage of these vaporizers is that they are portable thereby they enhance convenience. In addition to that, they are slightly larger than pen vaporizers, and they are rechargeable. Click here to get vaporisateur portable pas cher!

Desktop/stationary vaporizers

These types of vaporizers are generally “stay at home” type. Despite the fact that they are not portable, these kinds of vaporizers have more benefits as compared to the other types. They deliver a higher quality vapor, and they use the convection method of heating.


Cannabis vaporizers work by heating cannabis to a level just below its combustion point. It ensures that the much-needed cannabinoids are extracted without destroying the material. There are three types of cannabis vaporizers namely desktop, portable and pen vaporizers. All these works to perform the same functions differently.

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